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Vilnius Algirdas music school was founded in 1968. Until 2005 it was called “The fourth Vilnius music school”. During a forty years period a lot of prospective and soon to become famous Lithuanian artists (Sigutė Trimakaitė, Rosita Čivilytė, Viktorija Zabrodaitė, Laima Šulskutė, Leonidas Šinkarenko, Julija Ritčik, Rūta Mikelkevičiūtė, Edita Daniūtė) and music enthusiasts graduated the school. Since 1981 the music school is being administered by Director Stasys Strička. Currently, there are over 800 students, 90 highly qualified pedagogues.

The administration shapes a common attitude towards educational principles of the school, that not only the professionalism, musical knowledge are the cornerstone of musical entity, but also a joy which is given to a particular studying person. Teachers prepares and implements training instrumentality, national projects, organizes seminars, festivals, contests, shares it practical experience in international seminars and conferences and participates in concert activities.

These are the levels of educational program: early musical education (1-2 years), primary musical education – 3 years, basic musical education – 4 years, expansible artistic education (post-graduate 1-3 years) . The students are taught to play piano, accordion, violin, cello, flute, classical guitar, clarinet, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, percussion, electronic instruments and national instruments. The subjects are: conducting, solo and choir singing, musical literacy and cultural knowledge, solmization, musical history, interpretation, ensemble musicality.

There are 5 choirs at all, accordionist, string and national instrument orchestras, instrumental and vocal ensembles of high structural variety. More than 70 students graduates school every year. Every student participates in concert activities. Every year about 60 concerts with 1000 participants performing and 14 000 listeners attending are being organized in the main concert hall.

Vilnius Algirdas music school executives:
Principal Stasys Strička
Vice-principal for education affairs Daina Rakšnienė
Vice-principal for education affairs Vydmantas Ruzgys

Address: Algirdo g. 23/6, LT-03219 Vilnius, Lithuania
Telephone/fax +370 5233 2414

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